Hunting Log

Meg Cassidy aka Huntris

Journal 1
I met up with the group from Chicago to help with a mission. In this process my entire team died and now i am alone. I don’t know what to do without my group that i have been with for a while now.

We got into a fight with the man who killed my group and i declared that i was going to kill him. i got him very weak but sadly he got away.I am determined to find him and kill him in honor of my friends that i have lost.

journal 2

We found out that the king pin has been the one starting all of this. Now since we are looking to find anything about his whereabouts I want to call Dean or Eric and see if they know anything. Maybe Bobby might know something. I’m kind of afraid to call them because I don’t want to get them involved I mean if king pin or any of the people that work for him find out I told Bobby and Dean they might get hurt because of me. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself of anything did happen to them. But then again we any info we can get our hands on. He sent people to kill my team and I’m not just going to let that go.

journal 3

Last session I completed one set of milestones it makes me feel good because I did not kill the monster even though I declared it as a hunt. But I know that if I killed it then the team would be mad at me. I’m starting to think that I’m weaker because I haven’t feed on a human yet. I’m starting to really crave human blood so I can be stronger. But if I feed it would mess up everything I have worked for with Dean.
I want to be stronger but I think the only way is to feed but if I become a full vampire Dean will not help me anymore and probably want to hunt me down.

Hunting Log

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