Bounty Log

Queleck the Quick

Entry 6

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I was on some strange world fighting creatures I’ve never heard of with magics that would make some archmages blush. Not really magic but technology that mimicked magic on the highest scale. Something about rings of power and shades of light combating darkness, the dead rising to life, creatures from OTHER worlds…ah, probably too much moonshine list night!

It’s another beautiful day in Quadvale Forest. Birds are whistling, animals are frolicking, Owlbears are ripping apart anything that wanders in their domain. That’s my favorite thing about the forest, the danger isn’t blatant but present. Just enough to keep you on your toes. Meanwhile, there’s always something new to find here! Unlimited wonder is within reach to those who are clever enough to find it and strong enough to keep it.

I learned a long time ago to live off of the land. Survival means freedom in these parts. Those wise enough to stay alive can find food, shelter, and entertainment out here. Less dependency. Freedom. PARADISE! Only a tad bit lonely, though. I guess that’s why I frequent the border towns from time to time. Gold isn’t all that useful in the forest, but there’s always some fun jobs to do out there. People who want passage through the forest. Silly criminals who think they’re wily enough to hide there, those foolish enough to disrespect the balance of life there. Can you guess what all of the above have in common? They all require someone to go into the forest for them. Someone who knows the ways, both visible and hidden. Someone who knows the dangers, also visible and hidden. Jobs that…..well, pretty much have my name on them.

One of the reasons I love those jobs is that so many different kinds people post them. People who, like the forest, are so diverse and always have something new to find and learn. People who can be beautiful and fun, yet dangerous enough to keep you on your toes. Not like Goblins. I hate goblins. Nothing but small creatures who are only clever when they’re thinking of ways to kill you. Ugh! Sidetracked. Back to humans. I love humans. We tell funny stories, I teach them a little Naturecraft, I laugh at people who think they know what they’re doing. Ahh, good times.

I’ve learned a lot from the many employers I’ve had over the years. I know the world is vast and there are many things that I haven’t seen, but I get enough of that through the passersby that I help out in the forest. I don’t need to really go anywhere else. The forest always has something new to show me. The crystal caves of Bryn Mawr, the Unending Waterfall, the Titanboughs, Spidertown (wait, on second thought, don’t go to Spidertown. Nobody likes Spidertown), and so much more. What can the world offer me to compare to this? I have everything I need right here.

Entry 5

Fighting the Skrull always comes with a cost. No matter who you are, you never walk away unscathed. I didn’t know Gwen long but we went through much in our short time together. The ache I feel is magnified ten fold for Sydney and Al, who knew her from the beginning. I see it in her face. Even with the day won, with Al’s family reunited and the earth safe, still I see the shadows in her eyes. In the face Gwen’s death the burden of leadership is more than she can stand, yet stand she must, and stands she will. I only hope she finds someone to talk to before she breaks.

Still, be positive. With the combined forces of the Vanguard, the Avengers and S.W.O.R.D.‘s top agent we ACTUALLY managed to defeat the Skrull. A feat matched by few in the Galaxy. If I had any lingering doubts in the power of Humans, they were banished in this fight. I stood with Sydney, Nausica, and Ken, and together we defeated the Super Skrull. Granted it probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part to be the one who ACTUALLY kill him, but emotions were running high. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass (Am I using that right, Mare?).

Now things are changing fast. New teammate (who’s unlike Gwen in EVERY way), the beginnings of a new base on the moon, and I managed to find a new GUN! Mare’s model and everything! It’s really odd, since I thought the model was ancient Quidonian and I didn’t see any Quidonian refugees in the Skrull mothership. Still, waste not want not. And then there were two…

Entry 4

It’s really cute watching these guys build a spaceship. Not to be demeaning or anything, but they’re adorable! Watching Simon come up with calculations that are common access in any other planetary database. I suppose I’m not being very fair. The fact that Simon is among the first of his species to work out these equations is impressive. The fact that he’s doing this while only 17 cycles old is even more so. The fact that they’re manipulating the densest metal I’ve ever encountered to do it is the icing on the cake. (Did I use that metaphor right, Mare?) Still, I wish all of this ingenuity would be put to better use, like, NOT fighting the Skrull.

They don’t fully comprehend the threat of the Skrull. They don’t know of the atrocities committed on Ginthar, the Child rebellions of Norax Prime, they’ve never seen street running purple with the blood of millions. I can’t really explain it to them. It’s something they have to experience for themselves. I just hope to Quinthar that they never have to…

Still, they relish the idea of space travel. It’s hard to remember that this is one of the few times they’ve been to space. I see still see the wonder in their eyes. The joy in their step as they play laser tag. Their minds aren’t really on what they face next, but I cannot bring myself to rob them of their joy. For all I know, this might be the last time those smiles touch their faces.

Entry 3

Skrull. Here. Fuck.

I’m not sure how they found this place. Sure the Skrull Empire is vast and encompassing, but I was sure this planet was nowhere near as technologically advanced as their usual standards. Perhaps that’s my old thinking talking. Despite my short time here, I’ve seen that humans are capable of SO MUCH. In truth, there’s not much that lies outside of their ability to adapt and grow. To think that there’s a human who was able to adapt Kree nano-tech and use it as a Kree Human Hybrid? With that in mind it’s not all that suprising that this would become a field of the ancient battle.

This is exactly the kind of thing that I avoid. Most people become Bounty Hunters because they love violence or want to take out criminals without the shackles of law. Not me. Being a Bounty Hunter means…freedom. You take the jobs you want to take, you make a pretty penny, you save a bit of it, and you LIVE. No real rules, no obligations. And money is no object since Bounties pay VERY nicely. No getting caught up in intergalactic politics, no fighting in a millennia long war. Just you, and the guy next to you. Well, AND your gun (sorry Mare). How did it end up like this? Now I’ve got people depending on me. This job has pushed the boundaries of a normal bounty. An innovative and dangerous species, as genetically adaptable as the Skrull in some aspects, and NOW the Kree/Skrull war to deal with. There’s not enough credits in the galaxy to cover the hazard pay I’ve accrued. But is it worth it….?

Ugh, fun part of the post now. I GOT TO FIGHT WITH A LIGHTSABER!! I’m so glad that Mare was able to copy it! It was much lighter than I thought, but then that makes sense, what with the blade being made of light and all. Man, that guy was good! The he would fit right in with the Wexthar gladiators, particularly violent bunch, they are. But the’re sticklers for honorable duels. Still, I haven’t had that much fun in cycles. Makes me wonder what els Mare can do. Shall we test? I think we shall.

Entry 2

You know, I’ve hunted a lot of stuff throughout the Universe. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of different species and races out there. After a while, however, you begin to notice the similarities. All Xorgals hate bright light, Klaxens are all insanely strong, those sort of things. Humans, on the outset, are weak, frail creatures. What you don’t see is that every human may have any multitude of powers from any multitude of origins. It’s a damn Grab Bag! I said that Human technology has been outrun by it’s imagination. Well, unfortunately, this phenomenon of super powers has managed to keep up. Anyone can have any power that you can imagine, and a few that you can’t even fathom. Some of them happen by accident, some by outside forces that have contacted them, some are even born with them. The power to shape the world around them, and the imagination to think of ways that no one can see coming, it’s a dangerous combination. So much of this surpasses logic and the set norm of human life, but I think it’s due to their imagination and mutable skill set that allows humans to adapt to so much. The rest of the universe may consider this a no name backwater, as I did when I got here, but I can see why the Watchers are worried…

Mare says I’m being foreboding again. I do try no to do that, so let me move to lighter topics. Video Games are AWESOME! Sure the simulations are not applicable in the slightest to real scenarios, but their SO ENTERTAINING! Mare and I have set a “No Live Fire” rule in the arcades now, to avoid any mishaps like last time. I find myself liking the gun-fire simulations better than the other arcade games. While they’re still enjoyable I want the feeling of actually being IN the game. Also Mare doesn’t like being left out (she gets pouty).

Imagination, It’s a double edged sword that can be used to create joy or turmoil. I like it…but I don’t…but I do. I’m not sure yet.

Entry 1

So…this place is…..DIFFERENT. Between Bounty Hunters who don’t get paid, supposedly extinct Time Lords, and a species that’s as technologically advanced as a wooden wagon in comparison to the rest of the galaxy I’ve surprisingly found a lot to do. There’s so much NEW stuff here! My headaches haven’t let up since Sydney started talking, but the cool stuff is worth the pain. Despite the limited technology Humans have made so many innovations in the field of Recreation. Sure, a lot of it is redundant or simply a waste of time, but it’s a FUN waste of time! A lot of the galaxy is streamlined and efficient. You have to find your own fun. Human, on the other hand, can create ENTIRE WORLDS in their imagination. IMAGINATION: I have Mare look up this word. Apparently, it’s what allows the Humans to be so creative. Humans are so technologically stagnated that they’re imaginations far out run their capabilities, so they think up NEW stuff to occupy themselves and to rise above their monotony.This is completely the opposite way of looking at the world from Quidonians. Quidonians accept the set way of doing things since that method has withstood the test of time. There’s cultural and PHYSICAL ramifications toward innovation so everyone just accepts the norm and lives the same routine day in and day out.

I’m not your average Quidonian, though. Too damn curious. And Mare isn’t even Quidonian! Well, not in any true sense. Mare is an artifact left over from the explorers who brought the Nanites. A remnant of the technology they renounced. Of course, me being the troublemaker that I am, I was wandering the ruins one day when she called me. We clicked in our hatred of monotony and Boredom, so we opted to leave. Me, the second Quidonian in history to leave planet in search of adventure. Still hoping to run into the other guy one day…

Nevertheless, here is a planet where Boredom and Monotony is nonexistent. E\An explorer’s dream. Here’s hoping this discovery doesn’t kill me first :)

Bounty Log

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