The Awesomeness that is Sydney

Sydney Brooks aka Brimstone

Entry 24:
It’s all so surreal, this life I’ve been led to believe was mine. It’s explains that void I’ve felt for so long. Like something was missing. That means all those people I’ve befriended over my “life”, they’re real. One closer to me than I thought…he was my friend in this world only to find out it’s Bo. Normally I would have been right there with Queleck and Nausicaa but my feelings seem to have changed. When I looked at him I was filled with that hate I used to feel..I still feel it but it’s not as strong as before. We’ve shared secrets in this life maybe it’s time for one last secret.

He’s alive…he’s really alive. With him back it feels..familiar. Of course he would ask about me and Ken first chance we get to really talk, that’s just DM. Ken…I can’t help but worry about him where ever he is. I can’t let that cloud my thoughts I know he can handle himself and once we get out I’ll see him. DM’s book is the key, now to find it and this Cult of Gygax.

We’re free..and the soul gem is broken at least for now. If feels like waking up from a bad dream. Every one is safe…for the time being. Now we’re off to another universe, guess I can cross that one off my list too.

Entry 23.5:
Another day another gold piece. It still seems odd not to have Kan here helping out with day to day chores, he was a stickler for getting things done on time. I’ve kept his old ways as much but with a twist, though change wouldn’t be so good in this town. There are some days I miss the monastery but I’m glad I left when I did. If I didn’t the visions wouldn’t have stopped, they still come occasionally but not as frequent as before.

My most recent one makes me think where they are coming from. I’ll catch myself thinking when I’m baking or cleaning the tables. I see fire with feelings of arrogance and turns to darkness, cold and finally bright and colorful with mostly green. Maybe it’s why I favor bright colors, I try to meditate on these visions as the other monks would suggest.
No luck the visions are blurry, short and don’t last longer than a minute or two.
Bran says I should stop for a while since they’ve come rarely since I arrived in the town. Maybe he’s right, my visions led me here..goblin attacks aside life isn’t so bad. I could turn this inn around make something out of it, more gold for my new family and this town I’ve come to call home.

Entry 23:
Colors of light..this black light. Sami seems alright after we got that ring off of him but it looks like the damage has been done. I did my best but…there’s only so much I could do, his soul seems damaged beyond repair from the dragon. I lost DM, Gwen..I fear I don’t lose Al too. We haven’t been able to get a hold of him since he went to SHIELD with that ring, I trust he’ll be okay.
These lights…feels familiar like the chakras each connected to an emotion and each other. So far we have tapped into two lights, anger and greed…just my luck. Their bickering has started to get on my nerves but I have to keep my cool. Someone has to have an even head, remember Makoto’s training.

Entry 22:
Everything is going by so fast..I thought we knew who to trust. How did it get past the scans? Not like we had time to mull over that..or even time to mourn our loss. At least we had an ally in our plans of escape..she’s entitled but loyal and certainly packs a punch. I couldn’t dwell on Nausicaa and her questionable alliance, I was more concerned with Aaron. He lost someone too. I can’t imagine what’s going through his time lord head right now, from the look of him he was locked up for a long time. No…I like to think they had more time together.

It’s a long trip back, plenty of time to let it all out. After a few days I ran out of tears to shed, she was my best friend another anchor that kept me stable and the brains of our she’s just gone in the blink of an eye. I blamed myself for some of that time..but Ken’s right. She knew the risks of this job and still continued to do it every day, we all know that’s a risk when we suit up. His movie logic makes sense, silly as it might seem to someone else, she’s still out there maybe not in the literal sense but spiritually she is.
I remember Makoto explaining the flow of energy to me when I started my training. There is the energy within us and when unlocked all the way one could tap into the energy of the universe. Her energy is part of the universe now, I can feel it when I least I think I can. I feel something, something light..some small connection to the energy in the rest of the world. Part of it feels like from when Kia and I reversed the flow of the energy within that crystal, not one of my brightest ideas but it worked.

At least we’re back on Earth, back home…until we find the super Skrull in our base. Really need to have Simon and Ken look into our security. Nausicaa has joined us, she rubs me the wrong way sometimes but I wasn’t instant friends with Al, Gwen or DM.

Entry 21:
The music and constant movement is soothing. Everyone is doing their part to build our spaceship..not much I can do though. I’m not super smart or have a knowledge of tech or the universe. Not like I’m in the mind set I’d rather get lost in the music. Good thing no one else is here…I haven’t listened to some of these songs in a long time.
Speed force is the most annoying and frustrating thing… She knew something was wrong and I couldn’t escape like I could have before. I would have yelled, thrown things, kept her and anyone else away. Seems that’s not an option anymore when your boyfriend and best friend can freeze you in place with speed force….

Sami may not understand anything about spiritual energy and it’s effect on the body but he somehow always knows what’s best for me. At first I was hesistent but it sounded like fun, going into another things body. Half the fun was not knowing where I would end up.
I had forgotten how it feels to fly with your own wings. Flying with Kia on my back still gives me a rush but there will always be a special place in my heart for flying with my own wings. Flipping through the air, breathing fire, it felt..right, like Kia and I were closer than ever. Now I know why Kia likes perching on my head so much, it’s pretty fun. Though being in a dragon didn’t make Simon’s squiggles make any more sense. Oh well, I’m still an adorable white dragon for time being

Our own space ship, pretty sweet considering how long it took to build. Still could use a place to plug in my iPod, need music when flying around space. At least we have laser tag. Having Ken and Queleck on the same team didn’t seem fair but I think I more than made up for it, Kia enjoyed herself too. Surprising performance from Simon, for a second there I though he wouldn’t land a single shot. I certainly needed that escape.

Entry 20:
My mind is racing..what do I do? But if I do that then this’ll happen…thinking and rethinking things, oh god I’ve turned into a mini Al. It’s not all bad using strategy, it just feels odd. Normally I would have just followed my gut and probably bust into the warehouse. I’m sure Al would shed tears of joy if he knew. I’m getting more and more patient…but also more stressful.
Rogue UN strike team, meeting with Cap, and Skrulls…of all the things. Shape shifting aliens who’ve taken seats of power. The government, SHIELD…the Avengers. Queleck scanned the rest of our allies and most checked out…I know who I can trust but then why do I feel so frustrated. I should be relieved, regaining my focus planning our next move. I managed to take out Wolverine’s clone with one blast of my fire I can handle this…right?

At least I know Shiro is safe and well cared for. I found to get him and Reyu back together. I can only imagine the amount of joy she’ll have. I feel the same, Sami is back but I worry for how long before he’s off doing whatever it is he was doing. I’ve missed him more and more, when he was in New York I could at least send him a text a phone call…now that he’s back I don’t want to let him go.

How long was Dad pooling funds to the base? I wonder when he would have told me about it. We have our own trophy wall now and first on the wall is beetle Scott Summers. Being in a beetle seems like a worthy punishment, I should have let Sami devour him…I’m partially glad Gwen held me back. He’s started paying for what he’s done not just to the X-Men and us but to Reyu and Shiro. I still feel my blood boil just thinking about it, though now I know the extent of my aura influence. That’s something to keep in my back pocket.

I still feel that’s not the right feeling, I’m not sure how I feel. Angry, frustrated, like jumping off a building..just full of emotions. I’ve checked all my usual sites so often to take my mind off things that it’s become boring, no one posts this late.
I can’t sleep. I’m restless, surfing the web normally does it for me but I’m feeling..impulsive..productive. Baking, tweeting, searching YouTube for music, organizing all my paper work, picking outfits for the rest of the week, all while working out.
The sun isn’t even up yet and I’ve finished my list… I have to keep going. If I slow down they creep back in..sadness, jitters, frustration.
What do I do? I have to focus on the Skrulls but fun…
Tea isn’t doing it for me right now it tastes gross. Now coffee that’s where it’s at, I’ve drank more coffee now than I have all my life. Oddly appealing, it gives me that rush I need.

Entry 19:
I expected Dad to pick some old guy especially when I heard he was from the London office, not some guy barely older than me. Simon Driskil, his aura is interesting..normally people have a main color while the rest of their energy shifts between colors. His..his is all blue, no shades or small spots of indigo..just blue. He’s smart, probably smarter than Gwen. I’ll have to watch out for this one not just as far as the company but as far as being Brimstone. Perhaps I should get more information about him considering we’ll be seeing a lot of each other now that we’re partners, impulsively taking partial control of the company was not part of the plan.

It nice to just cut loose, I haven’t been to or thrown a party since before the summer. At least I know my amount of pull online hasn’t changed. Queleck enjoyed himself, guess Earth alcohol is a lot different from anything he’s ever had. I have a feeling he’s going to get one hell of a migraine.
I can see Ken’s frustration with Gavin, I know Gwen wouldn’t appreciate his antics. Ken suggested he just shoot Gavin but I didn’t think that would teach Gavin a lesson. I feel a bit like my old self planning this prank with Ken, we just had to sit and wait for our moment. Aaron says future me likes power suits, I can see it. Is that what my life becomes? There I go overthinking things..I’ve been doing that a lot more, maybe once this is all set and done I’ll have some fun. I don’t want to end up like Dad.

Gwen may have over reacted a bit but I don’t blame her, waking up in her room with a guy like Simon. At least I stopped Gavin from doing anything Gwen would regret, and thanks to Aaron I know a big more about my new partner. Along with some news I didn’t think I would hear since the time line had been changed. He’s back…social media confirms it, a new image album and tour. It looks stupid the whole all black with the Phantom of the Opera style mask, guess I broke his face worse than I thought. Another one I’ll have to keep an eye on, he tries anything like last time I’ll ruin him again faster than his fangirls can type their hate mail.

I don’t like this…sending in my boyfriend and best friend into this House of M. I trust Gwen knows what she’s doing giving herself the x-gene. I need to come up with a plan and fast…we could get the X-Men involved. I know Sami wouldn’t try to burn the mansion down, he may not like mutants but my brother is no arsonist. If that doesn’t work there’s always a plan B, but the cost of that plan could turn the people on us.

Entry 18:
You would think my mother would be easy to track down…ugh these social media pages are..basic.  A couple of them even seem to have been abadoned, looks like she got bored of her SoundCloud.  She’s back in New York but seems that’s all I’ve got.  With everything going on I might need to put finding her on hold at least on my part.  My attention needs to go towards all the mutant crime going on.  It’s all over the news and web, everyone seems to want my opinion of mutants getting their own country.  Sounds like something Magneto is pushing for, I wonder how much we can actually do.  Mutant issues are a sticky situation….deep breathes self, we can figure this out.

Note to self: give Aaron a stern talking to about his “spoilers”.  It would have been nice to know Gwen now seems to have a split personality.  Now if I just keep Ken from shooting Gavin along with teaching Queleck about life on Earth.  I could get used to having my own fanboy follow me around.  Him and his gun he talks to…I don’t look that weird when I talk to Kia do I? I wonder why the Watchers have him follow me, I am awesome and universe shattering things tend to happen around me now.  At least Dad is in the Savage Lands, I won’t have to explain why an alien sent to follow me is staying with us just yet.

Sometimes I question whether or not I can lead this team…I feel like Al sometimes.  Not in stick in the mud way but taking on responsibility.  Then I remember who I am how far I’ve come from joining the Thunderbolts.  Now I don’t have to fear the dragon within, I am truly a dragon.  Roll with punches just like when I first joined the team but now I’m more patient..which is weird to say but meditating almost every day will do that.  Gavin says I don’t have fun anymore, maybe he’s right but maybe he’s wrong I still have fun just different fun.

Entry 17:
It eases my mind with these two additions to the Vanguard though it makes me wonder how Sami got this ink. It’s clever and assures no one else would be able to read it but me. It would help if he actually wrote some information in the letter, it would nice to get a real letter from him.
The time is finally here, all of Gwen’s hard work. I was worried at first I’ve never seen an aura go through all the colors like that. I did my best to help her out but in the end we just had to wait for it to pass.

Another kid being harassed by the Brotherhood…there must be something else we can do for him. The parents don’t seem to want any extra help but our offer is there..all I can do now is hope they see their son needs help before anything bad happens. It just makes me want to help them more, I don’t want to see any more kids taken from their loved ones. Magneto will pay.

I didn’t think things could get weirder…but I come home to Dad on the couch with a pink pterodactyl woman named Dinah. Well…alright then, thats not even the wierdest part. Sami and I have a half sibling, who is possibly a half pterodactyl, who’s gone missing in the Savage Land. Even after all I’ve gone through hearing about a land where people, dinosaurs, and all other types of creatures live together shouldn’t surprise me but it did a bit. I’m more surprised to find out Dad and Dinah had a relationship and she only left…to lay..her egg….
Mom knew about them, Dad says its why she left. I wish I knew where she was..I might have to ask a favor of Tony, or check at the company see if any one still keeps in contact with her.
It feels a bit overwhelming right now…Dad is the former leader of the GLA and can’t die who had a relationship with a pterodactyl woman who left to lay the egg that had my half brother/sister in it, Sami leaves for a year to find himself and comes back out of the blue saying he’s in a beetle..then a cat, and I’m trying to unlock all my chakras while leading a team with a losing streak…. Makoto always said meditation could clear one’s mind. Meditation can only do so much, freerunning does the rest to ease my mind.

Entry 16:
Back to normal..well semi normal life. Back to school and fighting super villians. Seems the rest of the team has some somewhat cool adventure while I was gone…the thought of the world going on without me. Back of my head still hurts from Sami, he’s been off since we got back. I would think he would be happy, the dragon is gone but we’ve got other problems. Gwen is working on this serum so she can feel again. She made the first one to give her these powers so I don’t see why she can’t fix it. Everyone else is worried about the side effects being worse. I have fate in Gwen, besides thinking of the dangers can make you back out of decisions. Her mind is made up. Not like Al has room to lecture about decisions, he’s the one with a kid on the way. Still can’t totally believe that, gonna have to plan Tabitha a baby shower.

Mistress Oct is defeated and so is Ultron though I should have thought things through a bit longer but I had the idea and ran with it. Pushing my own aura into Ultron..once it was over I could feel barely keep my eyes open. Leaning against the wall was the only thing keeping me off the ground. I don’t remember much from the fight but I do remember the worry in Ken’s eyes. Him staying with me as the others searched the grounds for other Ultron. My energy came back to me soon enough and the world is safe again so things went better than expected.
Why didn’t he tell me? Looking back it explains the changes in him make sense…a part of me blames myself for this. He assured me things would be alright but it feels like I’m losing him again after I just got him back. If he trusts Doctor Strange I suppose I can too, we both have to discover what we can do now. I have an idea but I know I can do more, Kia helped against the Ultrons but she still doesn’t like fighting or being around people she doesn’t know. I tried to get her out during the parade but that was a bust. She’s just getting comfortable around Sami and Ken, this’ll take some time. She did seem amused by the selfie with Cap when I got my medal.

Not long after the parade Al pulled me aside, I knew was something to do with Sunburt’s message about her planet. Sure enough that was it, I can read his body lanuage better than I thought. He offered a position in a new divison he was going to lead in SHIELD called SWORD, he went on with plans for the organization but I soon tuned out. At least he knew me well enough to stop and I didn’t have to pull out my phone this time. He knew what I would say but I said it anyway, I have no intention of getting deeper into SHIELD operations. We have villians here and now that need to be stopped people who count on us as heroes, just like Reyu. Before this would have turned into a fight but we understood each other, we wanted different things and there was no turning either one of us. I took one last look at our wall of victories before packing it up. I think I get where Tony was coming from before about traditional media…I have all these pictures on my phone or saved somewhere but having a physical copy of it hanging on a wall is…different. The Thunderbolts are done, but this isn’t the end for any of us.

Kia is warming up to Dad and Ken, she doesn’t hide as much around the house. She’s still a bit skittish but will still cling to me and hide in my hair. If Gwen stops by she’ll come out sometimes, work in progress she’s a shy little dragon but can be adventurous sometimes. Yesterday I caught her on my laptop trying to figure it out, she likes to click everything. I understand her better now, like our link is getting stronger the more I figure out these powers. Before I knew I could see auras and someone’s soul and I would play with their aura not really having a clear idea of what it would do. I’ve done some research and I think I understand this, I at least have the basics down. If I focus hard enough I can see everyone’s aura, it was jarring at first just the sheer amount of people around feeling all those auras and souls.
I’m getting used to it but I still know certain things like unlocking my own chakras so my aura flows freely. Right now my energy flows but I can feel it getting stuck, I need more help. Makoto agreed to train me during the summer as to not interfere with my studies.

School drags by somedays but sometimes Tony would get out for my “internship”. Nothing gets people talking around school like having a Stark Industries limo pick you up. Most of the time we would just talk and chill in his office, once in a while Pepper would come in with some forms or when he had a meeting but Tony would let me sit in those meetings to “watch him work magic”.
Dad wasn’t too thrilled about me possibly taking over the company, he said he didn’t want me to make the same mistake as him. He knows how much freerunning means to me but I think back to my conversation with Levi back in Japan. Most freerunners have a day job to support themselves and their families, I had to explain that to Dad. It was the deepest conversation we’ve ever had, “I’m not you Dad, I can get hurt. One injury can ruin my career or take me out for who knows how long. It happend to Levi”. Guess Sami is rubbing off on me…thinking of the future, who am I kidding actually thinking about something that’s not a stunt. Maybe it’s all this work on my own internal energies. He was reluctant but after some time once his office was back up and running normally he took me in to see how it runs. Most of the paper work and meetings were boring and nearly drove me insane but Dad at least felt the same with his new lease on life. Though there are some aspects I enjoy and I could get used to wearing a power suit, not as comfy as track pants and a hoodie but it has its moments.

Gwen has been more distant but is still there when I need her. We agreed to form a team once her serum and my training was done. Her brother is working on the comic and had some ideas for other merch. Brimstone action figure..I approve. We each have our own following so for I’m not so worried about having a following just funding, it’s all on me and with Al gone I’m in line to lead our new team. Ken is hard at work hyping the internet for this new team, the fans are going wild at the thought of Brimstone leading her own team with Nighthawk and Synapse. Before I wasn’t ready I just wanted to have fun but now I see there are bigger things than just the street crime I was fighting. Going to Asgard, fighting cosmic entities..I have a feeling that’s only the beginning.

I leave for Japan in the morning, I wrote Sami a letter for Doc Strange to give him. I get a letter every so often from him telling me how his training going, asking how everything is, a threat for know same old Sami stuff. I can’t wait to see him again, this K’un L’un place sounds interesting. I miss him and so does Kia but this time I know he’ll be back he just needs time to figure everything out like me. I worry about leaving Dad by himself for the summer but he goes off with his old GLA buddies so I assume he won’t be as lonely. Gwen is working on her serum, “just a few more tests” she told me. I think she can do it. Ken and I had one last date, a quiet night in watching movies and getting me caught up on all our shows before leaving. I told him I’d miss him the most, I have no idea what sort of training is in store for me “if anyone can do it I know it’ll be you” he told me. He didn’t like the idea of me going off especially knowing Makoto works on a fishing boat and the lack of internet. He wouldn’t know where I was or what I was up and vise versa.
“You stay alive, no matter what occurs. I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you”. He always had a knack for movie quotes at the right time and apparently for making me blush like a schoolgirl.

Meditation, working the boat, raking leaving…slapping water!? What is the point?! Makoto says my body has been trained but I still lack discipline and training within my mind and soul. In order to reach my full power I must open my other chakras to let the energy flow freely. How do I expect to manipulate other’s while my own energy is blocked?
We spend each morning drinking tea and meditating under the trees, at least I’m not alone in this training. Reyu joined us so she could become as strong as me. If she can do it so can I, we’ll get stronger together.

Once the beginning training was done Makoto thought it best to start opening my chakras. The days would be spent meditating focusing on the energy within on the emotions that block each one. Most of the meals during this time were tea and nattou…the most disguisting thing I’ve ever eatten. Makoto says it helps focus the mind, I think it focuses your mind just from that smell. Ugh.

The root chakra the start of the energy flow he says this one is blocked by the fears we have in our daily lives. My biggest fear was the dragon within but it was gone now. As I sat and focused on that chakra I could it was open already, I told Makoto about the feeling I had once I came back from the cave. My chakra had opened once I was free from the grip of the dragon my biggest and most basic fear was faced and it was gone. He was impressed I unlocked the first one on my own but there was much work to be done.

Emotion, guilt, forgiveness. Normally I’m driven by emotion, “that chakra is strong but unfocused the energy swirls around with no place to go”. I couldn’t help but think of Sami as I focused on this energy…it was because of me he couldn’t use his magic that he felt so lost. He was closer to the dragon than I was..was I being selfish taking that away from him even if it was to protect him from the corruptive nature that laid inside both of us? This one took the most time, I would lose myself in the meditation trying to let go of this guilt. Makoto knew of the situation with Sami, he told me that Sami was on his own path of self discovery though he could not use his magic it wasn’t my fault. I did what I had to to protect us both….it took some time to accept and forgive myself. The relief I felt was unlike when the first chakra was opened. It was like when I poured my aura into Ultron, I could feel the energy flowing better now but at first my body couldn’t handle it. Kia perched on my shoulder to comfort me, it felt like she was channeling her energy into me.

Makoto said the next one would be the easiest for me considering who I am. “The solar plexus in the upper abdomen gives our ability to be confident and be in control of our lives” he explained it to me as I focused on it. It seemed like I blinked and I could feel that chakra open. I felt lighter where those chakras were, my energy was free to flow between them. Three down, four to go. Makoto says it only gets harder from here on.

I..I can’t focus on this…The heart chakra, located in the chest deals with love and is blocked by grief. “Meditate on what you have lost and let the pain flow away”. I took a deep breath and my thoughts went to my family…how it used to be. Sami and I were together, Mom would stay home spending her days painting and taking pictures…Dad would go to the office but be home by dinner. Then my thoughts went to how things radically changed…Sami and I started getting powers, Mom and Dad fighting more and more…which would result in him staying at the office a lot longer and Mom started drinking more. I didn’t want to believe it…I didn’t want to relive those memories.
A few times I had to stop and walk away to be by myself. I had buried those emotions deep within, created new personas for myself. Brimstone, the brightly colored parkouring dragon, and Sydney, the teenage daredevil who answers to no one.
After many failed attempts Makoto sat me down, he told me I would have to face the source of this loss if felt. To feel the love that was and is still there. I had lost my father and brother but they came back to me but in a way they were never really gone. He says I need to face my loss just like I did with my fears, the only problem is the one person I need to face is gone and I have no idea where to find her….

It feels good to be home, Gwen seems glad to have me back. She’s kept everything in order while I was gone, it makes things easier to get back to business. Seems hard to believe just a couple more weeks until school starts’ll be a welcome relief, I wonder if SHIELD will start up the Thunderbolts again. Though they couldn’t get any better than us.
I try meditating every so often, Ken says its weird to see me sit still for an extending period of time. No luck though, I get a little closer each time but she still holds me back. I still feel my power growing with every passing day, with just a touch I can feel the energy flow and intensify. Even with just a kiss…guess I just got excited, it freaked us both out…
Kia is more outgoing than before, sometimes she’ll even fly around without me but the smallest movement she doesn’t like and she’s back to me. She mentioned she’d like to turn into something other than a phone charm one day. Maybe one day, how cool would that be.

So far so good, even with out string of losses we’ve still got a fairly large following. I’ve been looking over some applicants that Ken brought me…he’s right, with this surge of supers since Dormmamu the three of us just isn’t enough. The only question is who to have join? Not just anyone can be a Vanguard #raiseyourbanners

Entry 15:
I never thought quiet would sound so good but there’s still business to take care of. Tony told me those communicators were ready and he gave me some stuff to think on. If we were to ever break away from SHEILD and form our own team we’ll need funding. The Avengers has Stark Industries and The Great Lakes Avengers had Big Bertha’s modeling career. YouTube has gotten me his far but Tony is right, you can’t fund a team with it. He suggested a multibillion dollar company…I immediatly thought of Dad’s company but for me to run a company. I don’t have the patience I’m no office worker, guess I’d need my own Ms Potts. Things to consider and talk over. Though the thought of my own super villain intrigues me…sounds interesting.

The Sasuke Tournament….its close, am I ready for this? …What am I saying of course I am! I’ve been training for this since I was a child, part of the reason my channel exists was to raise money for Ken and I to go to Japan so I could compete. If I’m not ready now I’m not sure I ever will be, my training schedule has suffered but I think fighting cosmic entities makes up for it. With everything calming down I’ve had time for intense training. I assume Al and Gwen understood my want for this, not like they could stop me I turned the thing off after sending them that text.
My training is going well, everyday from sunrise to well after sunset. Sami and Ken would stay with me most of the time for filming and to keep me going. A few times Ken would force me to stop training to take a break longer than fifteen minutes. We would go out on a couple of dates…..we..we almost kissed, my heart was in my throat that moment but that moment was ruined by Sami. I certainly gave him a piece of my mind once Ken left, ugh it still frustrates me. He did eventually calm me down and explain himself. He’s my protective older brother and still not used to the idea of me dating, even the idea of Ken and I hold hands. I understand his reasoning but don’t understand it at the same time, I’m happy things are going great. He keeps me going sometimes and helps drive my training right now, with him with me I know I can acheive total victory.

Japan is more amazing than I ever imagined, the amount people the food just everything. I definetly want to come back, the few days we had for sightseeing just didn’t seem like enough. With every passing day I feel a bit more nervous but I still feel confident that I can go far.
I’m still squeeing from meeting Makoto, Levi and the American Ninja Warrior team. I fangirled so hard just seeing them, I had to take a few deep breathes before going over to introduce myself. They were so cool! Makoto said my videos were good!!! (incoherent fangirl writing)
This little girl Reyu..she reminds me of myself, I was only a bit younger than her when I had the dream of becoming a ninja warrior. She looks up to Brimstone and even had her own Brimstone costume, it was adorable. I knew I had fans all over the world but to see one of them, it really hit me. I want to help her more than ever she’s similiar to me..a twin brother taken from her, breathing fire, and someone that they look up to. I won’t let her down I’ll get them back together, my first stop is the Silver Samurai. Reyu won’t be alone once I have to go back, here she’ll have Makoto and she can always contact me.

Today is the day, I almost didn’t eat before leaving but Ken and Sami talked me into it…the nerves are coming back up again. Number 95…so much time before it’s my turn. I would turn on my music and just watch, study the’s different in person. I think back to what Levi and Luci said before..the course being alive. I..I think I can see it, the people I’ve seen do the course before..does it really learn and adapt? Don’t think about it just breath, thinking too much ends badly for this kind of thing. Stay’s almost my turn, lucky number 95.

………..I………I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it Reddit! The feeling of hitting that buzzer after climbing the rope…it was…it was something I will never forget. It was then I was reminded why so many people come to compete..the wish from Midoriyama. I had almost forgotten about it, at first when Luci told me about it I couldn’t believe it. It gave Makoto the power to help his comes the question: what do I want? My thoughts race as I walked down the cave to come face to face with a white dragon. It was beautiful and majestic, like nothing I’ve ever seen. This is my chance…to help Sami, at that moment I knew what I wanted.
Once it was done I was back on top I could hear the cheering of the crowd and I felt different, lighter and stronger. That feeling of something just under my skin waiting was gone, it was jarring to feel it gone after living with it all my life. I couldn’t help but burst into tears I achieved my dream and locked that evil dragon away so it could never hurt us again. Hearing the roar of the crowd all that noise and the spotlight just for me…I was the first ever American Ninja Warrior. Coming down I was rushed by reporters along with my fellow competitors, there was one moment in that I will always remember. Makoto came up to me and the crowd around me almost parted to let him through, he congratulated me and shook my hand. He extended the same offer as he did to Levi before me, whenever I come back to compete again I am welcome to stay with him.
With the first wave of interviews and pictures done I made my way to find Sami and Ken in the sea of people waiting for me. That amount of cheering..the lights glowing all just because I’m here. Sami pushed his way towards me and hugged me tighter than he ever has, “you did it sis”. Ken wasn’t far behind Sami, when I saw him I rushed to him and in the middle of that crowd before any words were said I..I just kissed him. So many emotions were happening all at once and in that moment I just couldn’t contain them all. We agreed to still take things slow and that that was one hell of a first kiss.

I came back home to more interviews and a gift from Dad, part congratulations for getting my license and part becoming the first and youngest American to win. The motorcycle is beautiful and she purrs like a kitten, Sami got his own but I doubt he’ll ride it as often as me. Sami was more concerned about figuring out the exact powers out dragon soul gave us. Not long after expelling the dragon I could start to see..people’s auras. I could feel the energy flowing within the darkforce but lighter and I was more in control of it. After playing around with that energy and what I can do know I’m more confident than ever. I beat the Silver Samurai without him laying a finger on me, I became the youngest person to get past stage 2, and the first ever American Ninja Warrior..I’m a celebrity I can do anything now and I’m not alone.

Entry 14:
The Elysian Fields are beautiful the fresh air helping to lower my anger and frustration but just seeing Ken wipes it all away. Everything I was worried about that took over my thoughts along with the anger at DM for roping me (and I assume Gwen and Arron) into this just escapes me when I hug him. As mad as we were with DM for going off on his own I felt thankful, I needed that cool down to get back to myself before the anger consumed me. Either way Surtur has been defeated…that was the easy part. DM concerns me a bit, why would he tell me good bye? Since he’s been around Doctor Strange he’s been different..distant.

The sky turns black I can feel fear creep in but I can’t let it consume me. I have to channel it into adrenaline like I’ve done so many times before. I can’t let it get to me now…I already feel myself slipping, I’m not myself anymore. A part of me wishes I never found out about the dragon, since Sami and I have known nothing little good has come from it. No, I can’t think on that..the past takes away from the present. Keep focused, they need me and someone has to test out this new Iron Dragon suit.

It’s been years since I’ve seen Sami release the dragon and this time it felt different. I can’t really explain it but it didn’t feel like Sami…I felt like Soul Burner. When I looked into his eyes I saw it, I saw the toll it takes on him. My big brother…he’s always looked out for me, whenever I’ve been sick or hurt yet he’s never wanted me to worry about him. I can’t help but worry, the world has been saved again but the at what cost. DM is gone, Al…I can’t even imagine where Al is mentally right now, Gwen almost lost Arron….we all just need some time.
Ken did what he could to try to calm me down but I just wanted to be with Sami…I came close to losing him again after just getting him back. The Watcher put him up for being a potentially danger, no one is taking him from me again we’ll figure something out. Soul Burner won’t take either of us, not on my watch.

Entry 13:
This place its…its amazing. Al and Gwen gawk at the sight of it but my mind races with the kind of stunts I can pull. Sami seems right at home here, I’m the one feeling out of place. The only things I know about all this mystical stuff is what I’ve learned from Sami, he tried to teach me when we were younger but I had even less patience back then. Odin was less than pleased to see both of us…he says it slipped his mind but I know him better than that, we share that selective hearing.
I worry about Al, seems that black hole did more damage than we thought. It weighs heavily on him but knowing him he’d rather bare it alone than seek comfort in others. He may think himself a strong soldier but we all have our breaking points. With Owen in a gray area I worry he doesn’t have anyone else to turn to, somebody to be his rock. Maybe if he ever tells Tabitha the truth she can take that spot but until then I’ll have to keep him from crumbling.

Dammit! I almost had it…I almost did it. Seeing those demons do it, I knew I could do it too. That must be the secret to the dragon, taking their souls along with their powers..and I can do that to. I need to find a way to control it so I don’t hurt anyone else. Even after patching myself up my hand still burns, though I don’t know if its from anger and frustration or the actual injury. If only I could focus then I could have easily take care of that frost giant….Al doesn’t need to watch over me and worry over every little cut I get. I took care of myself before they came along… Is that my true nature? So many thoughts ran through my mind as I stared into my dark force while Sami read his squiggles. Doubts, fears, anger…what do we do? Do we try to expel this dragon from us or learn to live with it? Maybe the book will tell us more.

Entry 12:
This is all happening so fast…giant dark force pillars, vampires, demons. It’s worldwide, the raising of Dormammu but the Internet also covers the world. Al may not like my use of it but it helped take down those towers. Every one of my accounts blew up with heroes across the country and the world banding together answering my call. It was amazing, we’ve gotten bigger than I ever dreamed…it’s also made things clearer. We can’t do it all by ourselves, the Avengers know they can’t do it all either that’s why they have Code White. Once the world is safe it looks like I have some work to do.
It doesn’t sit right with me..going off on his own. DM says he’ll slay monsters but how much of his humanity is going to give up. I’ll trust Al had a chat with him keep him from going too far.

It’s hard to believe..what I did. All the dark force around I thought it was from the tower but it was from me, that video….it’s like it wasn’t really me. I don’t remember any of it…it all happened so fast. With every soul I take the dragon grows stronger, the closer we get to Asgard the more I feel it. I’ve kept it under control for so long but now we’re going to to where it’s from. I’m getting more dangerous with every day… It seems hard to believe just a few weeks ago I was throwing fire instead of dark force. I didn’t have to worry about an evil dragon in my head taking souls through me or having dark energy flowing within me. A part of me wonders if I can handle it all or if things are going too fast even for me…
I can’t start doubting myself now I have to pull it together not just for the others but for Sami, the tower and fixing the ship have taken their toll on him. He won’t admit it but I can see it in his eyes, he can hide it from everyone else but not from me. As long as we have each other I know we can keep the dragon from breaking free.

Entry 11:
An alien huh? Guess it makes more sense now she did seem a bit odd sometimes, now she’s with us. I’d believe Meg would up and leave but to pass off this information to Aubree, seems a bit odd to me. This blood and this Isaac guy…makes me wonder exactly what she was up to. So many questions building up, I’ll leave Al to the over thinking its never been a speciality of mine. “Over thinking can make you insane and can cause a mental breakdown”…the quotes you find on tumblr :)

My plan went better than expected, seems I have more pull than I thought. It was a landslide victory before the dance even started, but the others helping me made it that much better. It was the cherry on top of an already wonderful evening. Though the night hit a speed bump with Gwen’s sudden freak out, she’s normally so calm and in control but now her emotions are starting to fight back. I certainly know the feeling all too well, I had bursts of butterflies in my stomach and the feeling of myself turning red all night. I still have those feelings just thinking about it…a dragon and a speedster, quite a pair we make.

My leg still aches somewhat from that arrow, at first I thought he was just some guy hoping for his fifteen minutes by calling me out. I didn’t think it would turn out like this though I don’t think anyone did. I wanted to be mad at him, yell at him…at first I was but it quickly became confusion and surprise. I can already see the results of his stunt, seems Brimstone has a new rival in Nighthawk. The internet won’t let this be a one time fight, though now that I know its Ken I don’t know if I’ll be able to fight him for real like this time. What do I do….Sami already wants Nighthawk’s head for hurting me..if he found out it was Ken I don’t know if I’d be able to talk him down, but I can’t lie to Sami he can always see through my lies. My only option is to tell him but maybe not the whole truth, hopefully I can talk him down.
…….I kicked my best friend/business partner/boyfriend in the jaw and he shot me with an arrow after making us YouTube rivals. It’s oddly sweet after thinking about it…. Dad, Mr. Stuffypants….I can’t believe it a BMX champion and..Mr. Immortal. All these years keeping this from us, but he did it for us. All these newspaper articles about him and the Great Lakes Avengers, he was a hero. His costume was even there, it looked brand new. I guess I’m more like Dad than I ever realised, from the dangerous stunts down to the colorful costume…Sami will get a kick out of this. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been going through old artcles and pictures…if there’s one thing he’s shown me its there’s life after being hero. If I ever chose to hang it all up to follow my own dreams I can do it. I wonder what his teammates are like. Maybe the Thunderbolts and I will end up like them, we already have a wall growing in the SHIELD base. At least I know its safe to tell Dad, in case what Aaron said comes true about Dallas. It eases my mind a bit knowing those close to me have powers and can take care of themselves..which means we need to stop the Registration Act that much more. I wonder how Dad will take finding out that his kids are dragons?

Entry 10:
We’re famous! My phone keeps going off with all these notifications, I can’t keep up with them all. Brim has gotten bigger than I’d ever imagine. It’s all happening so fast the sudden fame, stopping all that’s going to happen, controlling this dark force, and homecoming is this weekend. It almost feels too much at times but with Tony’s advice we’ll get through it. Despite his stance on the Registration Act his advice makes sense, take control of ourselves so no more fake Singularity show up. …A gravity bat…of all the things.
It feels weird to have Dad home, most of the time he leaves for the office before I’m even up in the morning or doesn’t come home at all. It was easier when he was at the office I didn’t have to worry about explaining where I was or why I would come home with random bruises and cuts…but it was lonely. I want to believe he’s here to stay, that we’ll be the happy family like we were before she left. The promise of the motorcycle classes, being there for Sami and I…but then I think of what happens when his building is rebuilt. I don’t want to be alone again.

What’s wrong with me?! I can jump off a building with no hesitation, take on any super villain, and live with an evil soul stealing dragon in my head…but the mere act of asking him to homecoming made me freeze up with anxiety and stumble over my words……..and he said yes. I can’t help but squee in excitement just thinking about it. I hope he likes the dress I picked out. How should I do my hair….up? Down? Maybe curls?

….I can’t do it, I can’t lead this team. Not after what happened. I..I almost died and there was nothing I could do about it. As much as I thought I would take it from much as I thought I wanted it. I can’t ask them to pay for my impulsive decisions, I had slipped up if that plan didn’t work..but it did work and it all worked out. It’s fine I’ll let him lead the team but I am the face, someone has to make us look good.

I spilled everything to Sami when I got home after Dad had gone to bed. He just listened letting me get it all out as he held me. I don’t know what I would do without him, him and Ken have always been my rock.
He did bring something up. I noticed Dad was a little….different but could quite put my finger on it. His hair had less gray in it but I was more alarmed when Sami pointed out an aura of dark force around him. Taking a closer look I could see it too but it hasn’t come from us. Sami says we’re leaking dark force but not enough to cause that kind of aura, no something like that takes time. What’s going on? How does he have this much dark force around him?

Entry 9:
What’s going with me and Sami? This…“dark force”. What happened while he was away that changed us so much? I thought I had control of the dragon but now these new powers show up. I should have known something was wrong when it felt different before. When I turned it….it felt natural not like how I’ve done it, waiting to get hurt so that I could wake the dragon. Now I truly am a dragon…I thought I would enjoy it more. Though I didn’t expect it to be so sudden. This dark force, it feels like my fire used to but stronger and as MODOK found out more destructive.
Before I would have tried to figure this out on my own or with Sami but now my thoughts push me towards Sundragon. She knows more about it than we do and her cousin knows first hand how it feels to have it in your head. Seeing that picture from DMs book, finally seeing the creature that lives within us…it added to my fear of it getting out but made me that much more excited about what other tricks I’ve gained. Bursting into flames is one thing I’ve done but not to that extent…I need to see Sundragon.

Six months, Aaron says I get revealed in six months. By Bo Dallas of all people, I suppose ruining his career was a bit harsh but he deserved it for what he did. Since I heard Disney dropped him I set him out of my mind, he is nothing now no threat to me or anyone else. Now he’s possibly a bigger threat than before. I guess in a way I’ve done this to myself…perhaps I should be more careful? It’s hard to think of giving up that spotlight, seeing all those comments from people who love what I do as Brimstone so much.
It couldn’t be all bad could it, going public. I’ve thought of it before but Ken and Sami were always quick to pull me back to reality. Most likely it would ruin my free running career before it even starts. My stunts and routines getting questioned if it’s my own talent or the dragon within. Then what would I do? Be a super hero full time, sounds nice an all but not normal….though how normal of a life can I ever hope to have being a dragon.

I’ve never made so many cookies before…ugh bed sweet bed. It still brings me a smile thinking of the good we did for Al, he really needed this. The mood that DM set up, perfect. They make a cute couple, though I didn’t expect her to be able to make plasma balls. Now what to do about Gwen…that look on her face when she told me what happened, she’s fallen hard. Can’t exactly expect a relationship with a reformed super villain old enough to be her father.
…How do you impress a guy? I haven’t been about to get that thought out of my head. According to some articles I’ve looked up it seems easy. Dress to impress, show a bit of skin, flirt…sounds basic. Do guys really fall for this kind of stuff? Seeing Al and Tabitha, Gwen’s questions…makes me think. Guess I’ve always been more concerned with my free running and marketing myself that I never gave it a second thought, though the feelings have been there.
What do I do? What do I do? I really like him…I was overjoyed to see him at Gwen’s but how do I tell him. My stunt didn’t seem to work to get his attention. Homecoming is coming up, we could go a date…but what he said no…what if he said yes?! Could it even work between us…he’s my friend and business partner with the channels. I feel like banging my head against a wall…

Entry 8:
So much yet so little time, it seems to be the theme for tonight. Al going on about going into the future, that something happens and he needs to stop it. Part of me doesn’t fully believe him. If it were anyone else I’d have called him crazy and went along my merry way with Gwen and Meg, but considering everything the four of us have been though I went with it.
Yet I’ll do almost anything for good footage for the channel. What better way to get views than a giant monster and, unexpectedly, saving a sinking helicarrier. All this SHIELD business has been great for Brimstone but it feels a bit overwhelming to balance both brands. Hopefully Al doesn’t screw up this interview with Tabitha, I may have to do all the talking for this one. Maybe I should have a chat with Tony, if there’s anyone who knows how to keep a brand going it’ll be him. Perhaps I’ll see if I can get Ken an internship there too, I know he’d love to see all the tech Stark Industries has.
I’m not looking forward to making all those cookies for him and the Avengers. Well I do owe him for everything he’s done for us…there goes my YouTube money.

What is Sami off doing? I worry about him, I keep wondering if he’s okay. He’ll be fine, I know he will. I get the feeling he’s worried about me too.
When I turned…I felt closer to him and it felt different, I don’t know how to explain it. It was like he was so close yet so far away from me. My fire didn’t feel exactly the same either, normally I know I could have exstiguished all the fire on the helicarrier in one motion but this just felt different. Maybe it was when I cut myself, normally I don’t hurt myself like that…hmm, oh I’m sure I’m overthinking it.

Now it’s off to stop AIM…I feel bad for Mark there must have been another way than just shipping him off to prison with Owen, I have no idea what changed their minds but we’ll see how it turns out. I want to believe its just the creature within but he lied to us..could the “monster” be just an extension of him. What if I was in his position, or even Sami? I’d like to think they wouldn’t lock us away.
My attention needs to be on this bet, I don’t like losing and I won’t lose. I thought this would be a challenge considering his a Stark but so far it seems he’s all talk. A part of me
hopes that’s not the case, I look forward to the challenge.

Entry 7:
I never feel more at peace than when I’m In the air, when I feel like I’m almost flying…to hear their reactions, the cheers that were just for me. It’s what I live for.
I’ve never heard anything like it, I still hear them talking about it even after my lecture with Coulson. I have the feeling they’re going to be talking about this for a while, I’d like to see what’s-her-name beat this. Now the only question is: how do I top it?

To be honest I don’t exactly remember how this alliance started. Things were said, strings were pulled, tweets were sent and next thing I know poof homecoming is Saturday and Northside has a blue and orange horse at their game. Gwen missed quite a party. Hope she’s having as much fun as us.
Seems after last night Al got some confidence. They grow up so fast. He could use the distraction, the guy is so caught up in SHIELD I don’t even know if he knows how to a normal teenager. Well no time like the present.

What do I do what do I do… I thought he would love it but…ugh what now?! It took everything I had to not just run over and hug him, that would have been too much at least I thought so. Should I have…no right…I’m so confused I don’t know what to do. Okay…breath, I’ve got this don’t freak out.

The arrogant, smug son of a b……calm down Brim. He’s not worth the dragon’s time. We’ve got bigger concerns.
coming up in my fight…..‘stay out of my way’ pft who does he think he is…the dragon is no damsel, I didn’t need his help..

Entry 6:
Al worries I may mess up or get into trouble every mission. I’ve certainly prove him wrong. I hadn’t intended him to have such a good time but many now he’ll stop being such a Boy Scout. Even without him present I handled things…I don’t intend to hand him back the reins so easily.

We have the eye…with that I feel focus returning to me. Before I was hesitant to turn once I knew what was in my head, now things have changed. I know the creature that lives within both Sami and I, I know what it’s capable of if not controlled…death and fire.

We saved the world now comes my time to shine but a few changes have to made to my plan…it’s going to work I can just tell, things are going better now. American Parkour has accepted my submission and now Flow Ninjas Parkour wants me to join them. I may not be as popular as Brimstone, at least not yet, but I’m getting there.

Entry 5:
My body still aches from our encounter with the bull, though Gwen was worse off than I. My emotions almost got the better of me again..these feeling against my mother, I thought I was over them. When she first took Sami away I hated her I blamed her for what happened. She could go away and do what she wants just leave my brother with me.
It always brought me a smile to see my fanbase, right now when I needed it was no exception. Though I am getting more and more hateful messages and comments after what happened with Bo. Even if you make 100 people happy there will still be that one guy to slap you in the face. I do my best to not look at those, stay focused on those I do make happy.

I know Gwen was hurt but a little ‘hey are you okay too’ would have been nice. Aren’t we suppose to be a team? At least Gwen is okay, I should have went with her.

I always somewhat hated these kinds of events. I remember having to come to few of these back when Mom and Dad were still together. I didn’t like it back then and I still don’t… ugh this dress. Yea it looks nice and has enough flash to satisfy me but its just…its just not that easy to move around in. Gwen tried to put me in heels, yea like that was gonna happen I have more balance hoping rooftops than in heels.

Entry 4:
I didn’t know they would be sending us to a third world country. Pft, tout. #fucknyc

It’s been a long time since Sami & I fought along side each other. Things have changed since back then but not the wrecking power of Double Dragon. It felt good, just like old times. I see his aim hasn’t improved :)
This bull, he’s tougher than I thought. He swung Gwen around like she was a rag doll and beat al like he was nothing. Seems only myself & this new girl were able to hurt him, though I don’t know of anything tough enough to simply shrug off a lightning bolt from a dragon. I’ll bet anything we’ll be seeing him again sooner rather than later. Hopefully we can beat him without me having to resort to waking the dragon.
At least the eye is safe with tony (he gave me a nickname….squee), and with his help I’ve seen a huge spike in followers. I never thought my fanbase would grow this large and in such a short period of time. Of course with these new fans on both channels I’ve had messages asking when the next video is coming out. I’ll need to do something…perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone here.

Even with everything going on one thing still lingered on my mind. I can’t help but think ’I’m jumping off a dinosaur skeleton I wish he could see this’. For a while now it’s been like this, since before joining this team….ugh what do I do?!?

Entry 3:
Moping. I wasn’t moping, Sun Dragon doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I just…I just needed a moment..some quiet. She was right about one thing, the dragon within me. I never noticed it before she said something. The heat of the fire within, I merely thought it was just my hate for Bo Dallas but that itch in my throat. It only intensified when I turned.

Now I see the destruction he causes when let loose..the burning bodies. I’m more reluctant to turn now, will I stay in control and stay myself or will he slip through the cracks of my emotions? DMs words echo in my head as I seek comfort in Sami’s arms just like when we were kids. I don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t around right now.

Friends…them? Not exactly a group I saw myself being a part of, the exception of Gwen. Doesn’t seem like they trust me, considering it seems I was last to know about his Owen guy. This’ll take some work, suppose I’ve got no other choice considering what I’ve gotten myself in.

Entry 2:
It would be Bo Dallas…well at least he got was coming to him. That footage is doing exactly what I had hoped, my petition against him has gained me more follower than I could have ever imaged. Another victory for the dragon, in more way than one. Now on to my next venture.

I hope Ken is going to be alright..I never felt my heart sink like that before. Why didn’t I question him about going to that concert? All for..what’s-her-name, not worth it. I’ll be sure to visit him in the morning.

Things will be better tomorrow….new day, wind in my hair, adrenaline surging through me. Gotta stay hyped.

Entry 1:
I keep looking at my phone hoping he’ll call, I wonder if he knows or if the dragon sleeps for him as well. I vaguely remember hearing his voice after Sami had left but once I started running his voice faded away. Perhaps talking to Sundragon will help.

Hopefully this new connection I’ve made doesn’t disrupt my schedule too much. We’re slightly behind in our shooting, hopefully my fan base hasn’t noticed too much. Though my other account is booming after the pictures with the Captain and that Snowflame fellow. I’ll need to do some explaining to Ken tomorrow along with planning some shoots and giving him the footage I got off this wrist communicator.

This new team…we sure are an interesting group. An uptight boy scout in love with Fury, a guy throwing dice, oddly enough the do it all straight A student, and of course yours truly the dragon. I’m sure if Fury had hair we would turn it gray in a matter of days.

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