Memoirs of the Future Queen

Nausicaa McKenzie

Entry 4

The black lanterns are defeated but per usual we don’t completely have peace. That item that allowed us to make rings has been stolen by a man named Fury. I don’t know DM well enough to judge if he is a trickster who likes to make trouble or is really just that dumb to entrust something that powerful to an unworthy person. Maybe both.

This Renner character is very forgiving. If it had been my father, he would have answered with a tidal wave and then gone after the artifact personally.

I’m still not convinced it was a fair combat between my father and this other “king.” My father is too powerful to be laid flat like that. He must have used some sorcery/trickery.

I at least dealt with the son. Pompous. Arrogant. Traits I don’t admire outside of my own family. They are rarely warranted. I defeated him easily enough.

Still, it felt good to stretch my muscles against an opponent.

Entry 3

It is odd to remember being fully human. At first there was some sentiment, actually knowing my mother’s physical existence. Not feeling tired before seeking out water. The softness of my skin. Then there was annoyance. Having to cart around all that metal so as not to be harmed. I don’t know how the average human stands it. Knowing something so pitiful as a mere blade could draw your blood so easily. My people are built to endure. It gives me an idea of how foolish love can make you. To care for something so fragile. When I select a mate he will most certainly have to be strong enough to withstand the crushing weight of water. Maybe Lykus is the best choice…

This former peer of Sydney’s who we found in the gem is peculiar. I think most magic users are. Almost, one could say, insane. Or at the very least teetering on the brink. That is part of what makes their power so frightening. He’s mercurial. I’m not sure how much we’ll clash.

I’m having a harder time than usual controlling my temper. I know it is because of the red energy. Hopefully we’ll find whatever answers we need in this “DC universe” and then get back to normal. I am eager to explore the surface world and see what I can find of my mother. It would be nice to have something more than just this photograph.

Entry 2

Sometimes I dream about being underwater. Not just swimming or seeing how long you can hold your breath to compete with your friends, but living there. I think it means something. Anya (my mentor) says I take it too literally. She says the dream is a sign that I’ve achieved inner peace and am ready to leave the abbey. But I don’t feel peaceful. I lose my temper all the time. I am not as a follower of D’Hoffryn should be. Anya says not everyone is a natural pacifist some are educated pacifists. I don’t think my education is over but I can’t argue with her.

D’Hoffyrn teaches us that we should never use violence to solve our problems. It is only appropriate to save your life or someone else’s.

D’Hoffryn teaches us empathy. We should always try to understand those around us to help them achieve our inner peace.

D’Hoffryn teaches us honor. We should always treat an opponent or naysayer with respect.

D’Hoffryn teaches us purity. Physical connection with others interferes with our inner peace.

I wonder if I will ever find out anything about my parents now that can I venture outside the abbey.

after two weeks outside the abbey D’Hoffryn is full of shit.

Violence solves everything. There are some people too stupid to emphasize with. Always kick an opponent when he’s down if you want to live. Sex is awesome.

Entry 1

It was a relief to see that father was alright. I had been sitting in that cell by myself for some time, listening to the other prisoners and watching the guards, slowly piecing together what had happened. As luck would have it, someone with the means to get us off the alien ship was thrown in with me. A girl who leads a team of what father has called superheroes. She is very skilled and almost as arrogant as I am. Father always said there was nothing wrong with arrogance so long as it is merited.

She doesn’t like me much. I sometimes rub people the wrong way, so I’m used to it. I just smile and act like I haven’t a care in the world or that I don’t notice. The important factor is that I’m in. I need some adventure and a venue in which I can actually prove myself. I so much as fall off a dolphin back home and mother is ready to call for a healer. It doesn’t seem to matter that my body is as durable as any other Atlantean’s.

I haven’t interacted much with others on the team to form much of an impression. There’s an alien who the others call Q who is good with a weapon I had previously understood to be human – a gun. There’s something innocent about him that reminds me of my sister, Cassandra. It makes me more inclined to like/trust him. Which means I’ll have to be more weary of him. Then there’s the fast man. The last man…I don’t know what he does around here. He certainly doesn’t look like a fighter. (I may be losing my mind, something just whispered in my ear, fuck him).

It felt good to lay into that Skrull. I got a definite sense of satisfaction watching the life leave his body. I would have preferred to deliver the killing blow myself. Ah well, that’s what next time is for.

I wonder if mother will believe father when he says he lost track of me. Probably not…

Memoirs of the Future Queen

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